Monday, December 5, 2011

Youtube and Yiruma

i was going to share one of my favorite piano piece but instead found out about Youtube's new layout. It has neat arrangement, love it~

back to main topic, i want to tell you about a talented pianist and his beautiful pieces.

Yiruma is one of my favorites pianist. His real name is I Ru-ma, originally a Korean but he moved to London when he was 11. He is indeed talented and i love how his songs always ctelling 'stories'..

My most favorite piece:

River Flows in You by Yiruma

p.s: some people said this song featured as Bella's Lullaby on Twilight. the fact is, IT'S NOT. People should get their fact right -_-"

i also recommend May Be and Kiss the Rain. And his most popular album is First Love, it was released in 2001.

fun fact: “I want to give a music piece to an idol group like TVXQ.” - Yiruma


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