Wednesday, October 14, 2009

never ending grateful

selesai berkutat dengan Pengantar Teknologi Bahan dan Perkembangan Arsitektur

kemarin itu, tanggal 12 Oktober, jadi hari yang sebenernya gw nanti2kan banget banget..
yaa, they're all know the reason why..

bener kata satu orang temen gw, dia bilang "akhirnya...tapii, rasanya kok lewat aja y.. yaa gitu aja"
dipikir2 emang iya..
kebayang minggu2 sebelum itu, gimana pusing-setres-takut-khawat
ir nya gw...
tapi ya sebenernya bnyk bgt yg gw dapet, gw sadari, gw pelajari dari minggu2 kemarin..

intinya gw belajar banyak
gw nerima banyak (good or bad things)
gw menyadari banyak hal

meskipun ga semuanya gw pikir bagus, tapi beruntung gw orang yg lebih suka liat sisi bagusnya..

buat kalian, terimakasih..itu 1 kata yg ngegambarin bnyk hal, atas semua bantuan dan semangat.. maaf..belum bisa jadi gw yg terbaik..
1 thing for sure: gw sayang kalian semua

(sorry can't tagging all of u)

from the same notes on my facebook, tittle Merasa Perlu Menulis Sesuatu

really grateful to know them
thanks God, for bring them into my life

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looklet : unstopable fashionista! :D

website for those who aspire to be a fashion designer
or for those who had fashionista-mind but don't have much self-confident to apply it to themselves (me, for example?)
well, in fact this is for spending time and refreshing, and for increase our creativity
*i think my design cool enough, so check on my Looklet page :D

if I could skip 1 day...

it's sounds i'm away from the problem..
well, maybe that's right... even it's ABSOLUTELY not the right way...
don't know why, I really don't wanna face 'the DAY'...
hmm, maybe they're all feel the same.. yeah, we're all know what could be happen there...

hmpfh... i used to be brave...
even they said I am, in fact i have a lot of fear....

however, as long as we face it together, I think it would be better....
well, not that bad i mean...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hmm.. just wanna write here

hey there...
sorry for waiting too long...
i'm just too busy this week (and no exaggerated, yes i am that busy)
sick of this kind of life.... too much tasks and it's more terrible because of 'something-on-next-saturday' (sorry, can't talk too much)
yah, wish me luck......
see ya, soon :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

losing faith

people said chances almost come when we don't realize it..
but I don't think it have been come to me...........

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Step To The World

first step to be a global person is speak with the global language..
that's what I try to do from now on.. I decided to make this blog written in English..
it's not because I don't love my language, I just tried to prove my ability...
and yes, i have problem with grammar (correct me if I've done wrong, please)

first step to globalization!