Saturday, December 11, 2010

thinking table (?)

i told ya, i'm back with new post :D

out of sudden, i wanna share this. Taken an hour ago, right away from my Nokia X5 (and i don't know what's wrong with my cellphone. so annoying. Fortunately it's still have guarantees).
this is it (heck.sounds like those sexy-chef-whatever), my work table. or in fact, my older sister's table, which invade by me as she move to Bandung because of her co-as job. And i guess it's officially my table now.
Not neat. Well, what do you expect from me? LOL. I rarely tidy up my table, due to my business and my laziness *get kicked*
but believe me, it's not that neat but it's WELL-ORGANIZED. You can see some box there, some pencil case, and 2 section for books. That's what i called zoning (oh, architect effect).

take a look by yourself, as you see, there's:
  • Some English contest trophy : NOT MINE. it's belong to my sister. i've never winning any trophy for myself alone (because in fact i have got group trophy 3 times)
  • photo frame : again, it's not mine -.- that's my sister and her friends from high school
  • a rabbit doll : again and again, it's my sister's. (i promise the list after this will talk about what's mine XD)
  • laptop HP : not exactly mine. i still have to share it with my younger sister. but since i use it almost 24/7, so i guess i can call it as MINE. kekekeke
  • bunch of books : 2 zones of books ---> college books (right) and miscellaneous (left). I have separate racks for novels, comics, and magazines. and yeah i love books.
  • some CDs... E-books, software CD, game installer (:p), etc..
  • 2 box : the strips one is for important things (won't tell you what's the contents) and the pink one is for random things (?).
  • there's rapido Rotring and oil painting color sneak behind laptop *i never use them again since my 1st year*
  • my NEW external harddisk. Finally i have one XD
  • post-it board : to stick some important note, to-do-list, etc etc
  • and the last, my treasures: cassette, CDs, and DVDs from TVXQ (i will make separate post to talk about it XD)
that's it... not that interesting. but somehow i love to share with everyone XD

listening to Love in The Ice from TVXQ
try to Youtube-ing their performance, even if you're not their fans or even you don't have clue about them, you might be fall in love with their angelic voice...
*seriously, i'm not saying this just because i am their fans, and i'm not exaggerate >.>

Good night people....

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