Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Is What I Called : CUTE

hahaha, i'm sorry if it's getting annoying. But really, can''t help it.. I love TVXQ even more XD
and i love this animated gif.. TOTALLY CUTE

p.s: It's the dancing movement on Mirotic mv
taken from here

it's just TOO CUTE >.<


sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

aaaw agree! they look verrry cute :)

ALdO AKiRA said...

i LOVE iT deaR..
iT'S sO CUTEEEee..
WaNNa haVe My VeRSioN..
cOULd u dO iT tO Me?
soMedaY i'LL dO iT MaKeup fOR u GRATIS!

adiss said...

hehe, sorry for disappointing you, but it's not mine.. i just see it somewhere and can't resist the cuteness so I post it here..
*maybe you should check about TVXQ (korean boyband), they're awesome! trust me :)