Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't care whatever they say

maybe i should write something more globally..
not something which refers to any group or community, but really, i wanna write this..
honestly, I'm sick with the news about TVXQ versus SM Entertainment
well, in fact it's 3 members of TVXQ who have trouble with SM.
Just skip about how and why the problem could happen, because I'm not going to write about it. I'm just so annoyed with this things.
After some blog walking and net surfing, i have read many article, news, and blog posting about this. and i have figure this out, there are some Cassiopeia (TVXQ fans) who has forgetting about their love to TVXQ and it says many are turned around and even strike them back.
Maybe I'm not an official fans club member or something like that.
But, there's no doubt that I love them more and more.
What I want to say is that I don't care about the number of not-so-nice news about them and if there's some people who said that the three members are greedy and the two others are backstabbing, or something so cruel like that.
I don't care with those people, including people who want to separate them.

I just love them
I love their music as I'm hear it over and over again
I love hearing their voice and watching their dance movement

I love their look (everyone agree that they're so cute and cool on the same time)

I love seeing them together, as TVXQ family with 5 member

so please, everybody, if you say you love them (or at least you like them),
don't easily be provoked

always keep the faith

and if it turn to worst (i even don't wanna think about it), I will always love them because their songs had already remain in my heart
look, is there anybody so mean want to separate them?


Kei said...

are you cassiopeia?
btw, I miss tvxq to be together again.
I know them since rising sun and never thought if they will separate like now.
wish all the best for them.

and I agree with you if cassie shouldn't easily provoked.

adiss said...

actually i'm not, but i love them so much
all we can do now is just wait and pray for them..