Friday, October 19, 2012


"I don't believe that architecture should talk too much."

- Tadao Ando

Sunday, October 14, 2012

but is it the way?

“When we can't piece together the puzzle of our own lives, remember the best view of a puzzle is from above. Let Him help put you together. “ -  Terri Guillemets

Maybe this is the way, or maybe it's not. There will be an answer for every question. I may sounds random but let's see~ can't really talk about it when everything still uncertain. :D

p.s: oh i forgot! New header, yay :D

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012

Hi again!
Today was a great day, i have great experience at Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 :D It held at Grand Indonesia and organized by Ismaya Group. There are so many exciting cooking demo and a lots of free foods!
My tummy stuffs with many things, from aglio olio to moon cake ._.

Cooking demo by the Bliss sisters, Isabella and Sofia. If you watch Master Chef Junior Australia you must be know them, and i'm a big fan that tv show :) Isabella is the winner of MCJ Season 1, while her sister, Sofia, is one of the finalist. They're so cute :)
We didn't watch until the end because we already register for coffee class~ It's exciting, the staffs are so nice and helpful. Now i know how to operate coffee grinder and coffee machine :D

One of many food stalls, this is Turkish ice cream! The ice cream maker is so playful, just like how it should be, or it won't be Turkish ice cream if there's no little 'acrobatic' show~

Cooking competition with chef Edward Kwon as the judge. He is a talented and young chef from S.Korea. 

Eating competition by Kitchenette. The contestants must finish as much meatballs as they could in 5 minutes.

Another sesion with  the Bliss sisters, this time chef Marinka as MC. They made 2 dishes from lamb -i guess.. bcus we didn't watch from the start- and crepes with creamy chicken sauce inside, or something like that.

It was a great experience, really.. I saw many famous chefs, tried many nice foods, also got new experience~ Good foods, good drinks, and good fun indeed :D

Oh and my TVXQ's Catch Me album has arrived! teehee~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bye September! Hello October!

Hi! It's already October, but nevermind. Gonna talk about what happened during my long hiatus from this blog.

1. My final project is done. It's a wrap! wohoo :D new journey as a fresh graduate, still can't decide where to work - duetowantingtodomanythingsatonce

2. Attending 2 nice events this month. ... well 'nice' is an understatement. It's a great events! SMTOWN World Tour 2012 in Jakarta and Tim Hwang Live in Jakarta. Pretty lucky since i got invited for both event :) alhamdulillah..
And I finally got a chance to see my most favorite band everrrr~ TVXQ :'D and their performances was awesome! As expected :D

See you later!
*i actually wondering if there is any reader because i am totally aware this blog is uninteresting ._.